Get smart in relationships to create the ultimate romantic connection

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Ultimate Coaching

Life is better with a co-pilot but what if you just feel that you can't find the right one or are in a relationship were you just don't seem to click emotionally, mismatched dating or not quite connecting can be a time consuming and expensive endeavour because you can waste time looking or waste money biding time and this is where I come in because if you really want to take control of your relationship experiences then I am here to help you gain the right result for fulfilment.

So what can I do for you:

This is a bespoke programme so I would firstly find out about your current situation with a strategy session and decide whether or not you need movie therapy or mentoring to gain an insight into your previous experiences and what is currently happening in your life and to change relationship patterns this will then be followed by intensive coaching sessions designed to help you challenge yourself to put into practice new ways of dating or being in an existing relationship.

The outcome is intended to help you understand how you attach romantically to others and what their motives are towards you so that you make choices that suit your personality and attachment preference or make simple changes within an existing relationship to gain closeness and trust.

An example ultimate coaching programme may consist of the following:

  • 1 x strategy session by telephone
  • 1 x 45 min individual telephone or Skype movie therapy or/and mentoring session
  • 2 x 1 hour individual telephone or Skype coaching sessions
  • Email and telephone support in between session and written movie guidelines

However as this is a bespoke service you may feel that you would like face to face sessions or more coaching sessions so if this is the case you can call or email me to discuss a programme that suits your needs better and I can furnish you with an idea of a suitable schedule and fee.